JOE partners with ASOS for series 2 of Boys Don’t Cry

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by Keiligh Baker

JOE’s critically acclaimed talk-show ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ hosted by award-winning comic Russell Kane returns for a second series next Tuesday (February 19) in partnership with ASOS.

Boys Don’t Cry entertains and provokes conversation amongst young men in Britain by focusing on topics that widely remain taboo, such as pornography, selfishness, rejection and introversion.

Series one of the show quickly made waves for its signature mix of razor-sharp humour and serious conversation, carefully orchestrated by Kane’s drawing of his own personal experiences and his encouragement to his guests to lay bare too.

The format sees Kane hosting a panel of three guests each week across a variety of names in British culture, from fellow comedians and commentators to TV stars and politicians.

Recorded in a new purpose-built studio, series two brings a whole new dimension to the show. Episodes will now be available to watch on YouTube as well as to listen to on all major podcast platforms.

Commenting on series two, host and co-creator Russell Kane said: "Series one of the show was outstanding and moving and funny. It grew from a tiny acorn into something that resulted in people coming up to me on the street or after gigs and literally thanking me for helping them talk to friends, girlfriends, parents! If that's not success, then I don't know what is!"

“I love digging around men’s heads with my jester shovel. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes surprising - frequently pant-piss funny. Series two is going to be a corker."

Simon Clancy, JOE’s Head of Audio and Boys Don’t Cry producer added: “When we put together the format for Boys Don't Cry, we never anticipated the impact it would have and the reaction it would get, it’s been truly incredible. Series two will have more of the same: fun, laughter, honesty, tears, confessions, and much more, as we tackle thought provoking topics in an accessible and laugh-out-loud funny way. We got men talking and we want to continue to do that – fundamentally that is the purpose of the show.”

JOE continues to position itself toe-to-toe with legacy publishers and broadcasters with Boys Don’t Cry being the latest addition to the ‘JOE Presents’ slate. The long-form original series slate now includes Unfiltered, House of Rugby and JOE’s recently launched boxing show ‘TKO’ with two-weight world champion Carl Frampton.

Boys Don’t Cry is available to download every Tuesday from Apple Podcasts and all mainstream audio platforms, and to watch on JOE’s YouTube channel.