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A brand new Doctor Who virtual reality experience has been launched which lets fans step inside a VR version of the TARDIS for the first time.

Channel 4’s Head of All 4, Richard Davidson-Houston, has decided to step down from his role after 12 years at the broadcaster and will leave Channel 4 in the summer.

The European Commission's competition authority has fined a group of banks, which include Barclays Bank and RBS of the UK, more than £900m for taking part in foreign currency cartels.

The BBC is making good progress in its efforts to improve pay transparency and gender equality, the National Audit Office has said.

The proportion of female contributors appearing in BBC programmes has radically increased thanks to a grassroots initiative challenging teams to aim for 50:50 representation.

ITV has permanently shut down long running reality programme The Jeremy Kyle Show, following the tragic death of one of the show’s recent ‘guests’.

Channel 4’s Indie Growth Fund has taken a minority stake in Five Mile Films, a Bristol-based, factual indie led by Nick Mirsky. 

The government is set to conduct a root-and-branch review of UK digital radio, including the state of advertising.

A new scheme was launched today aiming to accelerate the growth of London's top underrepresented founders.

The BBC is preparing to launch a 'public service algorithm' to accompany its Sounds app, intended to stop listeners becoming trapped in virtual echo chambers.


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