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Martech is the new big thing - having exploded in popularity over the last few years. Taking many forms Martech promises to revolutionise how companies spread the word through innovative technology. Prolific London will keep you updated with all the most recent Martech insights and news.

Active consent must be obtained before non-essential cookies are stored or accessed, the top European court has confirmed.

The global market for in-app advertising will reach $220 billion by 2020.

UK in-house agency specialist OLIVER has joined Jivox’s exclusive Preferred Partner Programme.

Blackbird, a cloud-based platform or video editing, has been recognised at the IBC industry conference.

Advertisers could face a new challenge following the launch of a new app that claims to block ads on radio and podcasts.

Snapchat has upped the maximum length of ads served on its platform.

Channel 4 will begin using Sky's AdSmart product to deliver targeted ads across its linear programming.

Amazon has begun prioritising items that turn the biggest profits in search results - including its own-brand offerings.

The UK's OOH advertising industry has come together today in support of the charity Missing People.

Adobe has added new functionality to its Analytics product, enabling users to visualise customer journey data.


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