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Martech is the new big thing - having exploded in popularity over the last few years. Taking many forms Martech promises to revolutionise how companies spread the word through innovative technology. Prolific London will keep you updated with all the most recent Martech insights and news.

There remains a big gap between marketers' ambitions with martech and the realities of their implementation.

Last year Google launched the '.new' format, allowing users to create new Google documents with a simple browser shortcut.

In a major change to its interface, Instagram is now forcing users to sign in in order to see public profiles.

Leadoo, the Finnish lead generation martech company, which helps tackle average website conversion rates for companies, has opened a London office.

Swedish social media marketing platform Adfenix has announced a brand-new partnership with property portal, Boneo, to help estate agents fight back against the online dominance of property portals.

London and Exeter-based digital agency Organic has announced that it has been B Corporation (B Corp) certified as part of its wider commitment to Digital For Good.

Instagram is set to remove filters that promote plastic surgery, as part of a drive to prevent damage to mental wellbeing on the platform.

Reflect Digital has launched a new tool allowing users to quickly measure the effectiveness of online content.

Investments in marketing-related AI technologies are growing, with $2.5 billion bet on emerging companies in the sector during 2018.

Snapchat has launched a new ad format targeted at online retailers.


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