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Martech is the new big thing - having exploded in popularity over the last few years. Taking many forms Martech promises to revolutionise how companies spread the word through innovative technology. Prolific London will keep you updated with all the most recent Martech insights and news.

New research from the DMA shows that 94% of marketers believe a more focused education on data regulations, and how to apply them would be beneficial for the next generation of marketers.

Some 81 per cent of UK consumers take visual inspiration for their purchases, underscoring the importance of visual search.

Facebook is developing its own version of Instagram's 'Close Friends' feature, allowing users to share content with select groups of connections.

The virtual reality content creation market is set to boom, reaching $46.54 billion globally by 2026.

Think Jam, the entertainment marketing agency with offices in London and LA, has launched Make24, a dedicated social video service powered by Make24+, a curated network of over 70 talented video creators spread through the UK, EU and the United States.

A Disney marketing boss has told marketing graduates at the Institute of Data & Marketing to stay curious and never stop learning in an ever changing industry.

Ad-Lib, a London-based marketing technology SaaS platform said it has closed $6million in Series A funding from San Francisco-based Fog City Capital.

Alternative SME credit specialist Caple has supported S3 Advertising, a national full-service advertising agency, with an eight-year unsecured loan.

A new London-based tech firm has launched today with the aim of disrupting the slow progress in migrating UK businesses on to the cloud.

Twitter has today launched a draft policy on its treatment of deepfakes.


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