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Martech is the new big thing - having exploded in popularity over the last few years. Taking many forms Martech promises to revolutionise how companies spread the word through innovative technology. Prolific London will keep you updated with all the most recent Martech insights and news.

A new report reveals 87 per cent of marketers have a dedicated budget for testing new technology.

Spending on digital advertising is set to grow to more than £15bn this year, a new report by Barclays has revealed.

The world’s largest advertising agency, WPP, has revealed its gender pay-gap has increased.

The CEO of the UK’s Direct marketing Association has called on the data and marketing industry to embrace the opportunity to adopt ethical standards.

Consumers believe they received less emails than ever before in 2018, estimating this at around 57 emails per week to their personal inboxes, down from 73 in 2017.

More marketers than ever (52%) state GDPR has had no impact on their ability to meet customer’s demands, according to the DMA’s ‘Data privacy – An industry perspective’ report.

US consumer products giant, Apple has reportedly bought London digital marketing startup, DataTiger, as part of a move to boost the iPhone maker’s digital marketing and make it more relevant to customers, Bloomberg reported.

Fintech Rimilia today announced strong results for 2018 including a 100% increase in revenue over the previous year, fueling expansion to the US.

Bloomberg Media Group is launching TRIGR TV, an ad solution that brings the flexibility and real-time adaptation of digital advertising to linear broadcast television.

Berlin-based marketing technology startup CrossEngage is to open a London office in order to "expand the customer base in Europe".


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