Facebook announces change to ad analysis tools

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by Charlie Spargo
Facebook scraps relevance scores

In closing down relevance scores, Facebook has said it will be introducing "more granular" metrics for advertisers, beginning April 30th.

The social network, until now, offered a score that would directly tell advertisers how relevant their ad might be to a specifically targeted audience, displayed as just a single number. This will be scrapped, alongside six other metrics. They are:

  • Offers Saved, to be integrated into Posts Saved
  • Cost Per Offers Saved
  • Messaging Replies and Cost Per Messaging Replies, replaced with Messaging Connections and Messaging Conversations Started
  • Mobile App Purchase ROAS and Web Purchase ROAS, to be replaced by a multi-channel ROAS metric

The relevance score will be replaced by three specialised metrics - quality ranking, engagement rate ranking and conversion rate ranking.

Quality ranking and engagement rate ranking will measure an advert against those competing for the same audience, making predictions accordingly. Conversion rate ranking will compare an advert with those with the same optimisation goals and audience, displaying the predicted success of the ad in achieving conversions.

Like before, the new metrics can be used by advertisers to see real-time insights on the potential success of an advert as they change creative assets, targeting decisions, and post-click experience.