Pretty Little Thing enjoys loyalty boost following Narvar partnership

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by Sian Bradley
Pretty Little Thing partners with martech company Narvar

Online fashion brand Pretty Little Thing has partnered with technology company Narvar, in an attempt to keep customers coming back for more. 

From convenient delivery slots, self-service returns and a branded and tracked communications, Narvar has changed how PLT interact with their customers post-purchase. 

Before working with Narvar, PrettyLittleThing directed customers to third-party websites for delivery updates and communication. These communications were unbranded and purely functional,and as they were given by external carriers, the experience that customers had was out of PrettyLittleThing’s control.

Now, the addition of Narvar’s SaaS post-purchase platform has led to tangible gains in both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty: the rating that PLT customers assigned to its overall post-purchase experience increased by over 30% and the average time to next purchase reduced by 57%.  

The retailer also enjoyed a 44.3% Marketing Engagement Rate vs an industry benchmark of 14%.  This brand engagement means that PLT has enjoyed a 24x Return on Investment (ROI) in the five months since working with Narvar.

Nicki Capstick, Head of Marketing at PrettyLittleThing, said: “We’re at the cutting edge of fast fashion, but a sub-optimal post-purchase experience was disrupting our otherwise seamless customer journey. To keep customers coming back, we worked with Narvar to provide our customers with valuable and meaningful experiences after the buy button, not just discounts or next day deliveries.”

Anthony Gavin, EMEA Director, of Narvar added: “Brands and retailers which fail to recognise the importance of customer experience beyond the buy button are missing a trick. The post-purchase experience that customers receive is fundamental to keeping them engaged and turning one-off sales into loyal customers.”

As Pretty Little Thing caters to a core audience of people aged 16-24, digital communication is key. PrettyLittleThing now offer SMS delivery notifications, which the retailer has seen high opt-in rates for. With Narvar also offering customer care via Chatbot, Facebook messenger or voice-assistants (e.g. Alexa, Google Home), PrettyLittleThing is now considering extending its communication channels.

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