AI production manufacturing start up Flexciton gets £2.5m funding

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by Keiligh Baker

London-based Flexciton has just raised £2.5 million in a round led by Backed VC, with participation from JOIN Capital and Entrepreneur First.

Flexciton uses AI to build a powerful production planning and scheduling solution for manufacturers, making the process 30 times faster.

Since its launch in 2016, Flexciton has experienced overwhelming demand in the market, and now works with an impressive array of clients across the food, textiles, semiconductor and automotive industries.

The team at Flexciton are world leading experts in the field of industrial optimisation and AI.

Jamie Potter, CEO and Co-founder of Flexciton, said: “I’m really excited to have closed this round because it represents the tremendous progress we have made here at Flexciton, and the incredible trajectory we are on.

"Over the past year we’ve experienced extremely high demand for our technology, and our clients include some of the most advanced manufacturers in the world.”

Partner of Backed VC, Alex Brunicki, said: “Jamie and his team have ambitious plans to transform manufacturing and their beach-head product, which lies at the heart of planning and scheduling, positions them effectively to grow their sphere of influence right across the factory.

"The team have commercialised faster than any Industry 4.0 company we have seen to date, so it is hugely exciting to continue our support in a much more material way.”

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