European consumers wouldn’t miss the vast majority of brands

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by Charlie Spargo
Would you miss the leading brands?

According to research from the Havas Group, a failure across brands means that European consumers wouldn’t care if 81% disappeared.

In their Meaningful Brands 2019 report, the advertising and communications group found that, based on 1,800 brands, four in five could disappear and Europeans wouldn’t care. This number is 77% when applied globally.

The survey was conducted across 31 countries, and was based on 350,000 responses.

It shows that brands are failing to improve lives, creating substandard content, and teetering on the edge of irrelevancy. 90% of Brits expect brands to produce content but nearly two-thirds (63%) say what is put out in the UK is poor.

What’s more, only 33% believe that brands are working hard to improve people’s quality of life, though the majority say they should be. 

Brands continue to divide opinion. Worldwide, just over half - 55% - of people say brands have a bigger role than governments in creating a better future, but this proportion drops to 46% in regards to British consumers.