Nearly half of marketers choose London as their dream place to work

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by Charlie Spargo
London is by far the most popular choice

Would you choose a flexible London-based marketing job in a firm of under 50 employees, being paid at least £51,000 per annum? That’s the average marketing professional’s dream, according to CV-Library.

The recruitment website found that when asked to choose, 47.1% of marketers pick London as their preferred place to work, with Bristol and Brighton a distant second and third, on 29.4% and 23.5% respectively.

It was part of CV-Library’s new year wishlist survey, in which they spoke with 1,200 UK professionals about what they would pick in their ideal world, and furthermore what they would be satisfied with.

The research revealed that a third of marketers would love to earn £51,000 or more - though more than a quarter (27.8%) would settle quite happily for £25,500.

70.6% said that being able to work from home is an incentive that would appeal to them; 44.4% wanted 30 days of annual leave; while 66.7% cited flexible hours as a point of preference.

Only 22.2% were satisfied with the standard nine-to-five day, and 38.9% would settle for 25 days of holiday.

Lee Biggins, CV-Library Chief Executive, said: “Everyone wants to get something different out of the workplace – whether it’s a good pay packet, or the ability to work more flexible hours. If you’re searching for a job right now, it’s always best to have a clear idea of what you want from your role, so you’re able to find a position that’s right for you.

“But while choosing a company that fits the bill and facilitates your needs is extremely important; don’t rule out any opportunities just because they don’t tick every single box. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a potentially great opportunity this January.”

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