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The 'Guinness Clear' campaign has continued for this year's Six Nations tournament, with a poster collection from AMV BBDO displayed in stadium toilets.

Amid quarantining and self-isolation and with pressing questions surrounding the spread of infectious diseases, KFC has made the decision to pause its recently-launched campaign featuring diners having a finger licking moment.

The two brands will post daily social media content throughout the week to encourage people to join the #SpeakOut movement.

Red Letter Days, PANDAS and Mush have together launched the #HeyMum campaign featuring red postboxes popping up around the UK, with its flagship activation in London.

The work is UK-led, but with global reach, with Digitas responsible for strategy, creative and media execution.

London-based AML Group has created a new TV ad for Vanguard, which gets customers showing the V-sign in support of the investment company.

John Lewis has launched a new TV ad campaign showing off its spring/summer collection for the first time ever.

Through the lens of sex and intimacy, “#Ageless”, which is created by AMV BBDO, focuses on the positive realities of ageing for women.

The charity wants to give the helpline maximum exposure by broadcasting it across TV, outdoor and social media.

Tesco wrapped up a successful year which also marked its 100th year in business, reporting brand recall for its contextual media buying strategy at 23% above average.


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