Phoney promises: Three shows off new campaign plastered on side of a bus

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by Charlie Spargo
Three's Brexit battle bus

It's little more than two weeks until the intended date of exiting the European Union, and mobile operator Three has publicly promised it will take control of roaming charges for customers whatever the result.

Putting its message on the side of a big bus in a move obviously reminiscent of Vote Leave's nation-dividing red coach promising £350 million for the NHS, Three's message is as follows - "Deal or no deal, our customers will save £187 million on roaming charges. Vote Three."

It is promising to subsidise its users' roaming charges should they return for British customers in the EU following Brexit. Right now roaming charges are free under EU law - and British mobile users don't pay any extra fees to use their phones as normal on the continent.

However it is not clear how that will change following leaving, and - with a deal far from being struck and British politicians now considering the extension of Article 50 - there are many potential ways it could go. Three are hoping to settle the minds of mobile users with this promise.

The £187 million statistic is what they have calculated the total cost of roaming charges would have been in 2018 without free roaming. Three stopped roaming charges for its customers in 2013, ahead of the introduction of the EU-wide ban in 2017.