BBC Focus Magazine rebrands to BBC Science Focus

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by Keiligh Baker

Immediate Media Co has today announced that BBC Focus Magazine is changing its name to BBC Science Focus Magazine from its March issue.

The move to BBC Science Focus aims to make it easier for readers to instantly understand the magazine’s subject matter, and align the brand name across its digital platforms. For over 25 years, BBC Science Focus has been the UK’s best-selling science and technology monthly.

With contributions from leading academics and popular scientists alike, BBC Science Focus is a media brand for insatiably curious readers who want to understand and marvel at the complexity of the world around them.

BBC Science Focus reports on the breakthroughs and discoveries at the forefront of science and technology, and aims to make these advances accessible to all.

Each issue of BBC Science Focus contains:

  • Discoveries: BBC Science Focus covers the latest breakthroughs in science and technology.
  • Reality Check: The BBC Science Focus team investigates the science behind the headlines. Poring over the research and talking to world-leading experts to find answers to questions such as: How can you protect yourself from air pollution? Is screen time bad for you? Are all plastics bad for the planet?
  • Features: Every month, the best science writers in the world explore the big mysteries: from the inner workings of the human brain, to the cosmic machinations of the Universe, each issue is full of surprises.
  • Questions and Answers: BBC Science Focus’ panel of experts is on hand to answer readers burning questions, such as: What’s beyond the edge of the Universe? Why elephants are wrinkly? Or what fish drink?’
  • Radar: BBC Science Focus reviews the best science TV, books, podcasts and radio of the month ahead. Plus tech experts reviewing the best gadgets that money can buy.

BBC Science Focus Editor Daniel Bennett said: ‘“We want to champion scientists and their work, and this new name will help us do just that.

"Ultimately our goal at BBC Science Focus is to help our readers understand the issues driving the national agenda, from air pollution to loneliness to veganism, and science is the best possible tool we have to do this.

"And of course, we’ll still be bringing readers the blend of new ideas and discoveries they’ve come to know and love over the last three decades.”