London black cab drivers lose case against taxi app Uber

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by Keiligh Baker

A group of taxi drivers have lost their latest High Court challenge against Uber in London.

The highest ranking judge in England and Wales dismissed the challenge that Uber's license was issued by a "biased" judge.

The suit by the United Cabbies Group argued that Judge Emma Arbuthnot’s decision to grant the ride-hailing app a provisional 15-month license was “tainted by actual or apparent bias,” following a media report alleging her husband had a financial connection to Uber.

Arbuthnot says she was unaware of any such links, but said she would not hear any further cases involving Uber.

Judge Ian Burnett says the list of “tenuous connections unearthed” by the cab drivers fell “well short of evidence” needed.

He said: "Having ascertained all the circumstances bearing on the suggestion that the judge was biased, we consider that those circumstances would not lead a fair-minded and informed observer to conclude that there was a real possibility that the judge was biased in this case."

Arbuthnot granted Uber permission to keep operating in London, accepting the firm’s claim that it had changed its aggressive corporate tactics and was a more responsible corporate citizen.