Coca-Cola debuts new ad with a vintage feel

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Flares at the ready - Coca-Cola have taken viewers back to the 1970s with a new ad for their newest flavour.

The spot for Orange Vanilla Coke (as well as its zero-sugar counterpart) draws on the themes and style of 70s-era series and films such as Starsky and Hutch.

Wieden & Kennedy Portland created the advert, which has the same bold colours and grainy playback as the popular action series. It features a Coca-Cola truck in a high-speed chase with a delivery vehicle full of oranges as well as an ice-cream van. They create the interesting new flavour when their pursuit reaches its high-octane climax.

Orange Vanilla Coke is in fact the soft drink's first new flavour since 2007, when Vanilla Coke was introduced. It's available in US shops from today.