BT ad banned for 'misleading' broadband speed claims

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by Keiligh Baker

BT has been banned from running an advert which claimed that its broadband package featured the “UK’s most powerful WiFi”.

In May 2018 BT ran an newspaper advert which included the claim "UK's most powerful Wi-Fi vs. major broadband providers".

The company’s website featured the headline claim "BT Business Smart Hub. The UK's most powerful business wi-fi signal vs. major broadband providers*"

Further down the page it stated "*Better than all other major UK business broadband providers, giving you the strongest signal furthest from the hub. Tests prove it".

But the ASA found that there was not enough evidence to demonstrate that the BT’s routers had the UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi signal. 

The adverts were brought to the ASA's attention by rival Virgin Media.

In their ruling, the ASA said: “The ads must not appear again in their current forms.

“We told BT not to claim that their routers were “the UK’s most powerful” unless they could demonstrate that they could provide a stronger signal than other major providers when subjected to other forms of non-Wi-Fi interference, and unless they could provide recordings of the levels of all types of interference when each router was tested to demonstrate that each router was subjected to consistent levels of interference.”