"100% silent drive-thru" from Burger King for reserved Finns

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by Charlie Spargo

To advertise a new venture allowing fast food fans to speed up their order using a mobile phone, Burger King have played up to the stereotype of "quiet Finns" and created the first drive-thru not to need face-to-face communication.

The restaurant chain says that since the Scandinavians love their privacy so much, many might prefer not to speak to a stranger to place an order at a drive-thru. Instead, customers can now order, pay and pick up their food from their smartphone. They don't even have to go to a window - they can sit in their car and a silent member of staff will bring it out.

Apparently it makes the entire ordering process seven to eight minutes quicker than a usual drive-thru process.

Burger King have launched this operation at a location in Helsinki, appealing to what they refer to as a "positive stereotype" of a Finnish person. "It’s a bit of exaggeration, of course, but there’s an honest truth behind it," says Burger King Finland's Marketing Director.