Qatar Airways goes all Hollywood with ‘magical’ new ad

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by Mark Johnson

Titled “A world Like Never Before”, the new campaign features a striking film which aims to put the glamour and excitement back into flying.

In the film, a family steps onto their A380 aircraft and are immediately transported into a fantasy world worthy of a major Hollywood blockbuster. Their flight takes them through the streets of Paris, then around the major landmarks of New York. Next stop is Hong Kong and then onto the glittering cityscape of Qatari capital, Doha.

The campaign was conceived and created by the airline’s agency, 180 Kingsday, and produced by London production company, RSA Films (Ridley Scott Associates). 

“This campaign embodies everything at the heart of Qatar Airways’ brand values, as well as the pride we share in providing exceptional service to our passengers across the globe”, said Qatar Airways Group chief executive Akbar al-Baker.

“The aim is to inspire and delight the viewer, and open them up to the possibilities that Qatar Airways, as the world’s fastest growing airline, has to offer with gateways to more than 160 exciting destinations around the world.

“We want people to see the world in a new and exciting way… Like Never Before.”

Qatar Airways senior vice-president (Marketing and Corporate Communications) Salam al-Shawa added: “This brand film is different than anything Qatar Airways has ever done before. In many ways travel is a dream, a fantasy - and we have focused on these elements to create a film that takes the passenger on a magical journey.

“Our ultimate goal was to create a Hollywood-style film that would not look out of place on the big screen and which epitomises the five-star image passengers have come to associate with the airline.”