Proximity London puts The Economist on TV

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by Charlie Spargo
The Economist's advert with Proximity London

The Economist magazine has put out its very first TV advert in 10 years with the support of Proximity London, challenging viewers to “never stop questioning”.

The long-standing publisher, which has been in operation since 1843, has created a brand film and commercial. It has worked with Proximity London, insight-driven creative agency, over the course of many years.

The advert features a woman who’s “never grown out of looking for answers”, and shows her progress from a curious child experiencing the world. Their goal - to capture the minds of an “invested globally curious” audience, according to Economist CMO Mark Cripps.

“We have made a strategic investment to talk with our target audience in a way that reinforces a more emotional connection to our brand,” said Cripps.

“We have a loyal and dedicated readership that perceives great value from their relationship with The Economist and truly loves our brand. Our readers never stop questioning the world around them and we believe this campaign will attract a similar audience and encourage them to learn more about The Economist.”

In 2017, Proximity London helped The Economist reach more people at the height of the UK’s snap general election, most notably by creating reactive digital billboards on vans to reflect the results the next morning.

But more recently in November 2018, The Economist’s CEO Chris Stibbs announced he would be stepping aside once a successor could be found. This was not long after the departure of The Economist Group’s President, its CFO, and its CTO.

The advert, part of The Economist’s campaign to become a leading source of informed business and world news, is designed to drive subscriptions and raise brand awareness.

It will be broadcast on UK channels including Sky, Channel 4, ITV and Channel Five, as well as in the USA on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and News 12.