Netflix seems to market choose-your-own adventure drama with retro shops

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by Charlie Spargo
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Picture the scene: it’s 1984. Global giant Netflix has apparently been marketing its new show Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, with pop-up 80s-themed gaming shops up and down the UK, so now you can.

Bandersnatch is a new release for the streaming platform, and the first of its kind as a truly choose-your-own story made for television. It’s set in 1984 and follows the story of a game developer who struggles with adapting a book into a video game.

It was released on December the 28th, and has already captured the minds of many, grabbing headlines everywhere.

Now, people across social media have noticed seemingly abandoned or closed-down gaming shops featuring titles with the branding of Bandersnatch’s fictional games company, Tuckersoft.

One was seen in Shoreditch, while another appeared in Birmingham’s Grand Central. Both are named ‘Tucker’s Newsagent & Games’ and have “be right back” signs pasted to their doors.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has garnered praise for its boundary-breaking ideas. However, its release pushed back the proposed date for the fifth series of Black Mirror, comedy writer Charlie Brooker’s consistently popular and acclaimed drama series covering technology and its inherent threats.