Havas campaign for Durex aims to end taboo

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by Keiligh Baker

London-based Havas has created a new ad for health brand Durex which wants to normalise the use of lubrication and prevent sexual discomfort for women.

The "Ladies, let's lube" global campaign includes a video which shows a variety of empowered women living their best lives - until they hit the bedroom. It then asks: "So why do we still put up with uncomfortable sex?"

The advert uses Durex Naturals Intimate Gels as a solution to this problem. As part of the campaign the brand will launch its sex education activity in the UK via TV, social and online alongside a campaign hub housing information and Q&A’s.

In-store activation will also be used within Boots and Superdrug outlets prior to a worldwide rollout.

Lynsey Atkin, creative director at Havas London, commented: “Nothing much beats good sex. So putting up with being uncomfortable, slapping on a brave face and going through the motions because ‘that’s just how it is’ has no place in today’s bedrooms or backseats.

"We wanted to have a bit of fun – because, sex – raise some knowing smiles, point out the solution and ensure being a bit dry down there when everything else says ‘yes f*ckng please’ definitely isn’t something for anyone to feel bad about.”

Durex claims that more than half of all women endure uncomfortable sex arising from dryness. But nine out of ten women who use lube report that it has enhanced their sex lives.

You can view the ad here.

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