Burberry campaign draws fire from Chinese social media

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by Charlie Spargo
Burberry's criticised campaign

High-profile fashion house Burberry seems to have fallen short of the mark with their latest international advertising campaign.

Intended to create excitement in the run-up to Chinese New Year on February the 5th, the luxury brand’s set was shot by Ethan James Green, and features models of all ages posing what looks like a family photo.

But it has been described by online commenters as “creepy,” “weird” and “depressing.” The sombre tone of the supposed family photo has given people the impression of a sinister plot to kill a matriarch for her money. Others say it reminds them of a horror film.

“This is a group of people who plan to kill this ultra-rich grandma and keenly fight over her inheritance” came one criticism. “[This] is not about Chinese New Year”. To many, the international campaign has come across as simply ham-fisted and superficial.

Chinese New Year is meant to embody family time and optimism. Speculation also arose as to whether there were implications in the photoshoot of a slowing Chinese economy.

Currently Burberry are aiming at a higher-value audience and hoping to corner a portion of the luxury market growing in China. It seems that this mistake, at a time of year when purchasing levels rise significantly, may have cost Burberry their opportunity.