O2 promises to match the "rhythm of your life"

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by Charlie Spargo
O2's "rhythm of your life" campaign

The newest campaign from mobile provider O2 shows off its new custom plans, offering bespoke contract options that "move to the rhythm of life".

The TV advert will air this weekend during the Six Nations, and acknowledges the fact that people's lives all have their "own rhythm". That's why they're offering custom plans that can be adapted to your needs.

These contracts can be between three and 36 months so customers can spread costs accordingly, and O2 are also offering the chance to modify data each month, and even choose when to upgrade.

The advert, created by VCCP, features a person going about her daily activities and experiencing landmark moments in her life, swaying to her own beat. "Life... is forever moving from one day to the next," says the voiceover.

More TV adverts are set to be released very soon as part of this larger campaign.