Scape Technologies unveils itself as recipient of $8 million funding

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by Charlie Spargo
Scale Technologies

With a flourish, London computer vision startup Scape has not just emerged from stealth but also revealed it has achieved seed funding of $8 million to get its innovative technology off the ground.

Scape Technologies’ specialism is a new AR infrastructure allowing for mapping, designed to be far more accurate than GPS. Today, they have launched their ‘Visual Positioning Service’, which means developers can now draw on this intensely accurate solution.

It is powered by what Scape calls their “special sauce”, the Vision Engine. It allows video and images to be fed in to create an accurate, high-definition map of a machine’s surroundings.

The ‘Visual Positioning Service’ has the capability to determine a device’s location with centimetre-level accuracy.

It has been revealed that this round of funding saw investment from LocalGlobe, Mosaic Ventures, Fly Ventures and Entrepreneur First. 

Co-founder and CEO, Edward Miller, told TechCrunch: “There is a huge amount hype in the AR space right now which is why we’ve been working for the last two years in stealth, taking our time to make sure our technology is accurate, robust and scalable.

“We set out on a mission to build a new type of infrastructure, to allow computers to safely interpret and navigate the world, using only a camera.

“With new industries like augmented reality and self-driving cars on the rise, it’s vital that these new types of computers understand with extreme precision where they are and what’s around them.”

Before long, Scape Technologies claim they will be working towards “ubiquitous spatial intelligence”, so devices with a camera can work out exactly where they are and what is surrounding them.