YouGov acquires UK social tracking startup Portent.IO

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by Sian Bradley
Photo by Vanilla Bear Films on Unsplash

International data analytics firm YouGov has absorbed London-based startup Portent.IO, becoming “YouGov Signal”.

YouGov had previously invested in the social analytics startup, which in turn used YouGov’s data to survey consumers and help plan marketing campaigns, amongst other things.

The terms of the deal are unknown, but include the acquisition of Portent.IO‘s technology, clients and its team, including its data scientists.

Co-founder and CEO Hamish Brocklebank told media that he will act as MD & founder of the new brand.

Portent.IO currently focuses on the entertainment industry, working with customers such as Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate, the BBC, along with other major film studios and a number of TV networks.

Brocklebank summarised the work of Portent.IO: “We track social, news, product reviews and digital data around movies, TV shows, sports teams and now brands across the web and across 40 countries. This data includes text analysis data, view counts of videos, comments, likes, retweets and more”.

YouGov Signal will be less niche than Portent.IO, as youGov has plans to extend its offering to other sectors.