Danny DeVito calls on startups to use Quickbook's business tools

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by Sian Bradley
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Danny DeVito is the star of a new campaign to help small businesses thrive.

The campaign is run by Intuit QuickBooks, an international company which builds tools for small businesses to better manage their day to day operations, including the improvement of workflow management.  

Intuit said the “Backing You” campaign was intended to make consumers laugh, whilst giving them an insight into the products they offer.


QuickBooks "Backing You: A Smarter Way" campaign featuring Danny DeVito

DeVito himself felt connected to the campaign, as he watched his family struggle to grow businesses from conception. In a press release, he said: “The importance of small business is personal to me. At a young age, I watched both my parents and my sister build their own business from the ground up and struggle to balance family obligations with growing their businesses.”

Dan McCarthy, VP of Global Marketing at Intuit QuickBooks, explained that the campaign is intended to be an “entertaining call for small business owners, the self-employed and mid-market enterprises to get what they are owed.” He added: “Nothing is more valuable than time and QuickBooks provides a smarter way to run a small business so owners can get back the time, and money they deserve.”