Axate platform introduces new function to help struggling local news outlets

Josh Peachey's picture
by Josh Peachey

Axate, a casual payments solution for newspapers' revenue streams, is offering an immediate solution to help sustain local news provision. 

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, any local news publisher wanting to make use of Axate's platform can get the system up and running without any up-front fees.

The company has now developed a new function which allows casual payment for online local news content to be optional - publishers can ask their users to pay if they are able, thus supporting local journalism without locking anybody out from the coverage and local information they need. 

This aim is to help maintain the sustainability of local press during the crisis period when demand is high, advertising revenue is low and the need for reliable reporting is paramount.

The company said that it wants to help the 'severe strain on advertising revenues at a time when providing reliable local news is a crucial public service, especially for vulnerable people'.

Axate CEO Dominic Young said: "Supporting local journalism has never been more important. We are pulling out all the stops to help newspaper businesses and readers to work together to keep local news alive. Any publisher who wants to participate should contact us at".

The Axate digital wallet works automatically on every participating site, enabling a network of publishers and users to be built quickly.