Gay Times brings forward launch of membership package Gay Times+

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by Josh Peachey

After previously promising never to go behind a paywall, the Gay Times CEO has launched a new membership scheme called Gay Times+ that will allow access to more than 40 years of earlier issues.

The new membership package will include a curated newsletter; a mag subscription (with a choice of covers); all issues published since 1984 made available via its app, priority access to Gay Times events, seminars, and panels and free branded merchandise as well as further benefits with commercial partners.

For non-members, the Gay Times’ website is being redesigned and will remain completely free to all users.

A few years ago, Gay Times solely focused on printing magazines for newsstands and whilst it had some digital presence, it was still primarily reliant on ad revenues.

Its major selling point will be the access to five decades' worth of Gay Times magazines. This could prove attractive to new members keep to delve into linchpin moments of gay culture and reflect on its eventual breaching of the mainstream.

The membership starts at £5 a month and stacks with packaged perks. The multi-tier membership plan has been in the works for three years.

Warner told The Drum: "It’s incredibly important that queer titles remain open. We’ve seen a lot of change, casualties and new entrants within LGBTQ+ journalism and I don’t think that change is over yet.”

“The membership model is about offering a percentage of our overall audience something much more meaningful, individual, and connected. It’s not about asking the majority of your audience to chip in.”

Warner joined as chief executive in 2018 as a 24-year-old, with some years of media consultancy experience, and brought it into modern times by building up its live events portfolio and social media following - which now numbers 1.4m on Facebook, 385,000 on Twitter, and more than half a million on Instagram, contributing to a monthly reach of 28.65m.