Avon and Marie Claire's #SpeakOut campaign aims to end people calling women 'bossy'

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by Josh Peachey

Avon and Marie Claire UK have launched a joint campaign to put an end to pejorative words such as ‘bossy’, ‘lippy’ and ‘bitchy’ that are often used to describe women.

The campaign comes after International Women's Day on Sunday. 

The two brands will post daily social media content throughout the week to encourage people to join the #SpeakOut movement.

Andrea Thompson, Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief, said: “Marie Claire is renowned for its campaigning spirit and for leading the conversation on the issues that matter most to women.”

The campaign will include a number of editorial features on the Marie Claire website, Instagram stories with vox pops, and Twitter posts containing quotes. 

Thompson added: “#SpeakOut addresses concerns we know are weighing on the minds of our readers and speaks to their experiences of being a woman at work in 2020. 

"Collaborating with Avon for the launch and using Marie Claire’s platform to share the conversation we had around that table, we hope to empower women to redress the share of equal voice we are currently deprived of.”