IBM's new marketing tool uses AI to drastically benefit campaigns

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by Josh Peachey

IBM has announced what they're calling the 'Advertising Accelerator' at this year's CES in Las Vegas.

The Watson-powered product is a predictive audience tool uses AI and machine learning to identify and recommend creative assets most likely to drive engagement in a target audience.

It's designed to help marketing minds, media buyers and brands improve the effectiveness and performance of campaigns, prior to actually listing an advert.  

The Advertising Accelerator can apparently marketings professionals predict the creative elements to drive engagement, discover new audience segments based on message resonance to help expand a message to untapped audiences.

It can also help them analyse each campaign from a creative and audience perspective, extracting insights on the highest and lowest performing experiences

Thanks to machine learning, the new solution continuously learns and predicts, helping advertisers to better understand a particular audience and its content preferences.