BT demonstrates purpose with digital skills campaign featuring famous broadcasters

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by Charlie Spargo

TV and radio figures like Clare Balding, Rylan Clark-Neal and Fearne Cotton are appearing in BT's latest campaign which is designed to demonstrate purpose as opposed to communicating it.

Its coronavirus-related campaign sets it apart from many other businesses in the same field - with BT creating its strategy alongside Saatchi & Saatchi London to bring useful content to life at this challenging time.

Instead of directly promotional advert, the ‘Beyond Limits: Top Tips on Tech’ campaign instead serves as a public service broadcast, providing vital digital skills for people who might need them. It will be broadcast across 12 individual ad breaks on ITV, during This Morning and the Evening News.

The slots will feature well-known figures sharing important tech tips - the first being Clare Balding explaining how to use WhatsApp. Each spot lasts about three-and-a-half minutes, and provides usable techniques for viewers who might be isolated at home.

Each broadcast will be matched with a shareable PDF versions of the explanatory content. The web hub where the PDFs can be found will also feature the full videos.

Other ad break films will include Rylan offering an introduction to podcasts, and Fearne Cotton with tips on using online services for physical and mental wellbeing.

BT Director of Marketing Communications, Peter Jeavons, told Marketing Week: “What we really wanted to do was take this position of almost being a public service communicator and that is certainly where we got the idea for the education films.

“What most brands are doing is telling people about what their purpose is, why [people] can trust them and that they are a good partner to have around at this time. What we wanted to do was... not tell people what our purpose is, but doing purposeful communications that demonstrate our purpose.”