Starling aims to help SMEs fly with new marketing campaign

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

The new 'Helping businesses fly' campaign from challenger bank Starling has launched, with the aim of engaging more small business clients for the FinTech.

It comprises a 60-second TV spot featuring a small business owner working from a shed, waving goodbye to her family. That's when the home office “literally takes off with the help of the Starling app.”

The advert will start on the TV before extending its reach to radio and outdoor ads.

CEO of Starling, Anne Boden, said: “We wanted to do something different and authentic that hadn’t been done before.

“When business owners see the campaign, we want them to feel inspired and courageous. To see that they can do it as well.”

Starling Bank's first television advert aired in October 2019.