Hack forces Boots to suspend loyalty points payments

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by Charlie Spargo

A cyber attack that affected more than 150,000 personal accounts has meant Boots suspending the use of payments with Advantage Points across the country.

After the IT security team noticed suspicious activity in a number of accounts, it became clear that they had been compromised and there was an attempt to use points fraudulently.

The health and beauty retailer said its own systems had not been compromised, and no credit card information had been accessed. Instead, attackers used a cache of passwords used on other sites for the attempt.

It comes not long after a similar attack on Tesco, which affected 600,000 Clubcard holders.

A Boots spokesperson said: “We are writing to customers if we believe that their account has been affected, and if their Boots Advantage Card points have been used fraudulently we will, of course, replace them."