AFC Energy named EV Charging Partner of British Motor Show 2020

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by Mark Johnson

AFC Energy, a provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, has announced its blue-ribbon partnership with the British Motor Show 2020 as the event's Official EV Charging Partner.       

The firm, which is listed on the London Stock exchange, also confirmed the successful launch of its H-Power EV Charger System. 

BMS returns after 12 yrs

Following an absence of 12 years, the prestigious British Motor Show returns in 2020 to offer a celebration of motoring, past, present and future.  

With more than 50,000 expected visitors from the UK and overseas, future technology will be a major part in the relaunched event and the Motor Show.  

The event will showcase several of the latest electric vehicles ("EV") from leading international automotive manufacturers including the Alternative Driving Experience, dedicated to offering test drives in electric vehicles to visitors. 

The show will also exhibit technologies that support rapid EV deployment into today's market, to which AFC Energy's technology will be a key enabler. 

Zero emission launch 

To this end, AFC Energy will later today (Thursday, 5 December) take to the stage at the official product launch of its zero emission, rapid H-Power EV Charger.  The system is the first in a series of three discrete H-Power EV Charger unit sizes that offer a unique solution to several of today's EV infrastructure challenges.    

The firm will demonstrate to an invited gathering of customers and stakeholders, several key advantages of the H-Power EV Charger, including:

  • Recharging with Nett Zero emissions; 
  •  Flexibility in deployment requiring no wired infrastructure;
  •  Modular and rapid charge ready;
  •  Removes or delays the need for costly grid augmentation and upgrades;
  •  Provides a de-risked solution allowing carpark and fleet operators to respond rapidly to growth in EV demand;
  •  Can be operated completely off grid or in conjunction with grid power; and
  •  Scalable from 2 to over 100 charge points at a single site with limited increase in footprint.

In collaboration with the British Motor Show 2020, AFC Energy's H-Power EV Charger will offer rapid charging capability to several leading automotive manufacturers showcasing their vehicles at the Show's co-hosted EV Zone and Alternative Driving Experience pavilions. 

Rapid transition 

Andy Entwistle, Chief Executive of the British Motor Show, said "the world is seeing a rapid transition towards battery powered vehicles and it's critical that the motoring industry offer up new and innovative solutions to address the key infrastructure challenges associated with EV take up by consumers.  

“We see the AFC Energy EV charger solution as just that. 

“Offering a zero emission, rapid charge, modular solution to the estimated £50bn grid upgrade requirements foreseen by EV roll out not only makes sense from a grid perspective, but also forms a key part of the strategy for decarbonisation of today's transportation system.  

“We are very excited to be partnering with a home-grown British tech company as we deliver a world class motoring experience to the UK next year."

Adam Bond, Chief Executive Officer of AFC Energy, said: "the British Motor Show is one of the world's iconic motoring events with such a rich heritage in leading innovative engineering and design excellence over many decades. 

“It is a privilege to have been recognised in such an illustrious setting as the Motor Show and play a small part in this new leadership role as we advance into a new era of highway electrification.  This journey begins with today's launch of our H-Power EV Charger. 

“With such a global showcase of world leading automotive manufacturers, this is a standout opportunity to highlight the benefits of AFC Energy's zero emission EV charging solutions and the benefit this can bring to the world's transition to an electrified vehicle future".