"Zero chance" of Uber getting full licence as TfL considers "nuclear option"

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by Josh Hall

Uber could be denied a licence to operate in London, with TfL "actively considering" a ban on the company's operations.

Sky News reports that the decision on Uber's licence extension, due today, hangs in the balance as the regulator highlights additional concerns about the company's driver identification processes.

TfL is due to rule on Uber's right to operate in the capital following the expiry of its probationary licence.

One source told Sky that there is "zero chance" of the ride-hailing company being granted a full licence today, while another said that the "nuclear option" of a total ban is "under active consideration" by the regulator.

Uber first encountered problems in the capital after being banned by mayor Sadiq Khan in September 2017. It was later given a probationary licence by courts.