Perlego raises $9m to make learning accessible to all

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by Mark Johnson

Perlego, a London-based streaming service for educational books, has announced that it’s closed its Series A fundraising round at a total of £7 million ($9 million). 

The round brought with it a number of notable new investors to Perlego, including Charlie Songhurst, Dedicated VC and Thomas Leysen (Chairman of Mediahuis and Umicore). 

Further financing was also contributed on a pro-rata basis by Perlego’s existing investors including ADV, Simon Franks and Alex Chesterman. 

The funding will go towards developing the next generation of Perlego’s smarter learning platform with new features that simplify and enhance the learning experience, and content libraries in non-English languages to facilitate its expansion into the strategic European markets.

Accessible ambition

Perlego is on a mission to make education material accessible for all. Providing access to over 250,000 eBooks, from over 2,300 publishers, cross-device and in multiple languages - Perlego now includes content from key publishers in Germany, the Nordics and Italy.

In addition to Perlego’s success in the academic sector, a significant interest from professionals (30% of users) has indicated the scale of the impact that its affordable academic content could have on knowledge sharing far beyond the formal education sphere. 

Price inflation remedy

The Perlego platform remedies many of the ills experienced by the academic publishing sector. 

For the student, it provides a much-needed solution to the issue of textbook price inflation – prices have increased by over 847% since 1978, or three times the rate of inflation. 

While students in the UK can spend on average £400 per year on their textbooks, Perlego gives its readers access to the entire digital library for £12 per month.

Publisher sustainability

For publishers, Perlego offers a distribution method that reclaims the revenue losses to piracy and the second-hand market; much in the way that the likes of Spotify have done for the music industry. 

With Pearson, Wiley and Sage all making moves to this end, and Perlego’s 116% increase in new subscribers month-on-month it’s clear to see that the future is digital, validating Perlego’s mission statement and business model.

With the switch in consumer preference from ownership to access that has seen whole sectors like music, film and transport completely upended, Perlego claims it provides a clear path to aligning the industry with the inclinations of the market. 

Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Founders Factory, said: "With digital services like Perlego, the industry is one step closer to tackling the accessibility issue in education, and publishers can enhance their bottom line through textbook streaming. 

“This business also offers something unique and exciting that appeals to both the academic sector and professionals simultaneously. 

“At Founders Factory we couldn’t be happier to be a part of Perlego’s journey and provide ongoing support for such a talented, young team."

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