Centrica extends digital contract with Fujitsu

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by Mark Johnson

Fujitsu has announced a three-year extension to its relationship with Centrica, to further drive the enhancement and standardisation of digital services for Centrica employees. 

The agreement will equip Centrica’s 29,000 global workforce with tools that enable them to be more productive and collaborative across all workplace environments, including offices, contact centres, and for engineers out in the field.

The contract extension, which will see Centrica continue its relationship with Fujitsu until 2024, will benefit Centrica employees by: 

Providing absolute stability in the End User space by embracing Windows 10, Azure, Office 365 and Fujitsu’s digital hybrid offering – on-premise and Cloud. All this will allow Centrica’s employees to collaborate and be more productive on a global scale

End user experience 

Improving the end user experience through the implementation of a new digital collaboration platform – which enables Skype meetings and document co-authoring – making the company more agile and productive 

Putting in place new predictability functions to foresee when resources will be needed at the Service desk, helping to improve time management and efficient working, as well as improving customer service

Darren Miles, VP Global Infrastructure & Operations, Centrica said” “As we enter into a world that increasingly demands flexibility and convenience, having a single working location is no longer a viable option for what employees now expect from an organisation. 

“That’s why our continued partnership with Fujitsu means we will be able to deliver an employee experience that enables our people to work as productively and collaboratively as possible.”  

Desktop migrations 

In early 2019, Fujitsu completed a move of over 40,000 Centrica employees and users (including third parties) to Windows 10 and Office 365. 

As part of this, all users were moved to one unified service desk in an effort to increase real-time collaboration among employees, and ensure all employees have access to the same level of tools and services. 

The result is that for the first time ever, all employees across the organisation are now working in the same way and are able to collaborate more easily with one another, regardless of where they are in the world.   

Steve Anderson, Global Client Executive, Centrica at Fujitsu said, “In today’s working environment, if employees are really going to succeed, businesses need to ensure they are on the front foot when it comes to the fast-moving pace of technology, which includes implementing technology which will help employees to work in the best way possible. 

“That’s why we are thrilled to continue our work with Centrica, by ensuring that everyone within the organisation – whether they are at home, in the office or in the field –receives the same up to date experience.”

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