TikTok celebrates first year in UK

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by Mark Johnson

TikTok, the short-form mobile video platform, is celebrating one year since it was first launched in the UK market, back in August 2018. 

Despite being relatively new to the British market, the company said it has seen significant and growing interest from brands in all sectors of activity.

Formula E and Rugby World Cup are the latest sports brands to have joined TikTok to reach out to its highly engaged and diverse global audience. Prior to these, Wimbledon and Liverpool FC joined the platform to capture the fans attention through their entertaining videos.

Guinness World Records 

Another notable addition to the platform was Guinness World Records, currently the biggest PGC (professionally generated content) on the app, after Nickelodeon and NBA, with over 48 million likes and over 228 million views on their page.

Media brands 

TikTok said that media brands have also demonstrated a significant interest in the platform to maximise brand exposure and engagement with their joyful and positive community. 

Kiss Radio is the latest media brand to sign up, adding to a list that already includes LadBible, PopBuz, Daily Mirror, Capital FM, Buzzfeed, Hello Magazine, Wales Online, the Sole Trader and more.

One year since it was first launched in the UK, TikTok has successfully partnered with recognised brands such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Burberry, Capital Radio Summer Ball, Wimbledon, Pride London, Dazed and most recently Blue Cross. 

Through these collaborations, brands registered millions of views and thousands of videos were created, giving them an opportunity to connect with TikTok’s creative, genuine and engaged community in a meaningful way.

Creative passion 

TikTok’s global community is recognised for its passion for music and creativity. During this first year of existence, the platform was selected by major events (MTV Awards, the BRIT Awards, Capital’s Summertime Ball and Blogosphere Awards) to be the preferred live-streaming platform. 

This gave its users a chance to watch these events live on their smartphones. The Capital Summer Ball alone received over 19.5M emojis, and over 100K views.

This first year was also an opportunity for the TikTok team to introduce the product to brands and creators willing to join the platform and reach its creative and diverse user base. 

In the last few months, TikTok was present at leading industry events such as VidCon London, The Blogosphere Awards, which the company sponsored for the first time, and Cannes Lions. 

These events gave the company an opportunity to raise its brand awareness but, most importantly, to connect and share valuable insights with creators and brands.

As TikTok continues to be one of the most downloaded apps in the world, the company said it is committed to creating a home for creative expression while supporting and collaborating with brands that bring added value to its community.

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