Global outage leaves Yahoo email users unable to access accounts

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by Mark Johnson

Thousands of Yahoo email users have been locked out of their accounts since the early hours of Thursday morning, due to a major systems failure at the web services giant.

The global outage has left thousands, many of whom rely on the email service for work purposes, furious at the service being down.

Yahoo, which is owned by US media behemoth, Verizon, posted on Twitter a message telling users: “You may not be able to access some of our services, including email. Our top priority right now is getting this fixed. We appreciate your patience.”

That message went out at 7.40am UK time and the service was still down at 1.30pm.

Yahoo mail user and podcaster Patrick Courrielche tweeted: “Some of our service"? Your entire network is down. You are losing your customers money...including me. Unbelievable.”

Yahoo’s technical failures have also affected other email brands, including AOL and BT customers. The UK telecoms firm also took to Twitter to explain the situation to customers. 

“Yahoo is currently experiencing a global outage, which means that many of our customers are unable to access their BT Yahoo email accounts”, BT wrote.

“Yahoo is working to fix the issue as quickly as possible, we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

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Prolific London contacted Yahoo in order to ask what had caused the outage, however, the company has not yet responded.

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