Fountech and Bloktide partner to bring AI and blockchain together

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by Mark Johnson

Artificial intelligence developer and thinktank has announced a partnership with London-based blockchain consultancy firm Bloktide.

Founded in 2017, specialises in the development and delivery of practical AI solutions for organisations from around the world. 

It also hosts workshops and produces whitepapers to help educate business leaders about the different applications of AI.

Bloktide is a consultancy firm that advises organisations on digital transformation, helping them implement new technologies, including Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Internet of Things (IoT). 

By working with Bloktide, will now be able to include specialist blockchain, DLT and IoT solutions into its portfolio, giving clients access to even greater opportunities for competitive advantage. 

Broadening capabilities 

The partnership also means that Bloktide will be able to broaden its existing capabilities – the company can also now provide advice and guidance around AI and machine learning (ML) technologies.’s CEO and Founder, Nikolas Kairinos, commented on the partnership and how it will provide the opportunity for Fountech and Bloktide to experiment and explore new ways of implementing innovative technologies and practices.

“Businesses are aware of the advantages emerging technologies can offer them, but there is a great deal of confusion when it comes to understanding how to effectively integrate AI toolsets with blockchain, DLT and IoT capabilities,” Kairinos said. 

“It is common to assume that AI exists in a vacuum when there are significant advantages on offer by integrating it with other technologies. 

“By sharing our knowledge and expertise, this partnership means we will explore the full potential of this new tech, which in turn will benefit our respective clients.”

Bloktide’s Managing Partner, Babar Shabir, also welcomed the advantages the partnership would bring to businesses seeking digital transformation consultancy services.

“Blockchain, IoT and AI can be difficult technologies to understand, and part of our mission at Bloktide is to create greater industry awareness of their practical benefits. 

“What’s more, with new advances being made in the space, there is huge potential for collaboration between specialists in different fields. That’s why it seemed only natural for us to partner with Fountech – a renowned industry-leader in the AI space.”  

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