Health and fitness startup app Fitu raises £370,000 via crowdfunding exercise

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by Mark Johnson

London-based fitness app startup Fitu said it has raised £370,000 in a crowdfunding effort via Seedrs.

To further accelerate its growth and expand to other cities, the health and fitness startup said it overshot its target of £250,000 through the Seedrs crowdfunding platform to reach 149% of funding.

The firm said it closed the round with £373,000 in just 1 month.

The company said it has been in a pre-launch mode exclusively in London for the past few months as a means of gathering customer feedback to optimise the product.

Fitu said it has already partnered with more than 170 fitness providers. 

The free app, allows users to book any class or physical activity near them without the need for the long-term financial commitments or membership fees typically associated with gyms and other fitness apps. 

Fitu's fundraiser: Health & fitness app boosted by Seedrs campaign

It also helps users discover new ways to stay active by offering a wide and diverse selection of exercise options. 

So while yoga, bootcamps, salsa classes and kickboxing are all available, so are trampoline dodgeball, hula hooping, handstand classes, hip-hop Pilates, disco yoga – which includes a free cocktail, and much more.

The app is the creation of two like-minded friends - Koen van den Heuvel, of the Netherlands and Rodrigo Contreras, of El Salvador - who place great value on leading fit and healthy lives, but were frustrated by the limitations of the fitness options available.

“We were bored with the repetitive gym routine and, like anyone else, didn’t want to be tied to long-term contracts and fees. 

It was also ridiculously time-consuming to try to find and book workouts,” said Contreras.

Co-founder van den Heuvel said: “It was taking the fun out of something we loved. We realised that many of the people we knew shared our same complaints, so we started talking about the ‘what ifs’ and pretty quickly knew we wanted to solve the problem.” 

At the same time, the duo sees the app as an opportunity to help users combine working out with socialising.

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