Viagogo will face contempt lawsuit if it does not change communication strategy

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by Charlie Spargo

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which has already brought legal proceedings against ticket reseller Viagogo to make sure it changes its practices, has again threatened legal action.

It says Viagogo has not done enough to change how it communicates with customers, which has been criticised for being unclear and unfair.

The CMA says that even after changes Viagogo has already made, misleading messages about low ticket availability to pressurise customers remains, while necessary disclaimers about tickets with resale restrictions potentially not providing access to an event are still insufficient. Customers are not always being shown seat numbers on the website, nor are they always shown the full address of the business selling the tickets.

In November, Viagogo was served with a court order by the CMA, to ensure the resale site met consumer protection laws. The deadline for making changes was January 17th. In March 2019, the CMA declared it was taking legal action again, this time for contempt of court, having noted "significant concerns" about the changes Viagogo was meant to have made. It led Viagogo to publicly commit to further changes, some of which were made, but not to the standards the CMA set.

Andrea Coscelli, CMA CEO, says: “It is simply not good enough that Viagogo is continuing to drag its heels by not complying in full with this important court order. We secured the order on behalf of people who use these resale websites and deserve to know the facts before parting with their hard-earned money."