US 'to relax sanctions on Huawei'

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by Josh Hall

The US and China have agreed a "ceasefire" in their trade war that will see some American sanctions on tech giant Huawei relaxed.

Huawei has been the subject of international ire since allegations that some of its technology poses national security risks. The American intelligence services have suggested that Huawei's equipment could be used to provide 'back doors' into key elements of the country's tech infrastructure.

In May US President Donald Trump issued an executive order adding Huawei to a list of companies banned from trading with America.

As a result, Google ceased dealings with Huawei, leading to uncertainty about the company's access to Android in future phones and tablets.

But this weekend the Wall Street Journal reported that the US could be set to renegotiate the ban as part of a broader effort to secure better trading terms.

Huawei has maintained that its products pose no national security risk to any foreign government.

Responding in April to allegations that its consumer routers included major vulnerabilities, the company said they were standard diagnostics tools used across the industry.

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