SKY Mobile to launch 5G in November

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by Mark Johnson

Sky Mobile today announced it will launch 5G connectivity on its network by November 2019, bringing the next-generation of mobile technology to Sky Mobile customers.

Six towns and cities will be the first to benefit from the new superfast mobile speeds when 5G launches on Sky Mobile, with wider national rollout planned to reach 20 towns and cities before the end of 2019, and a total of 50 to go live by the end of 2020, the company said. 

Next-generation mobile

The launch of 5G will enable Sky to deliver even greater entertainment on the go. The fastest ever download speeds offered by 5G, up to 10x faster than 4G and up to 1Gbps connections, will give customers an amazing mobile viewing experience when streaming high-quality movies, TV shows, live sports, or kids programmes on Sky’s apps. All without using any data allowance.

5G on Sky Mobile will also offer a more reliable connection, so even in busy commuter hubs, city centres, or a packed stadium, customers will have a great signal when streaming TV or browsing the web, SKY Mobile said. 

5G also means near real-time connectivity, so everything from browsing the web to shooting your way through online mobile games will feel lightning-fast.

“We will be the only mobile operator to be able to combine the launch of next generation superfast 5G connectivity with Sky Mobile’s unique features including Roll, Swap and Watch”, Sophia Ahmad, Commercial Director of Sky Mobile, said.

All Sky Mobile’s plans come with Roll, which automatically rolls unused data over at the end of each month into a customer’s piggybank. 

Rolled data can be kept for up to three years and used whenever a customer needs a little extra data boost, or exchanged for money off new phones, tablets and accessories. 

Those opting for a 5G handset can choose to update their phone every year without changing contract with Sky Mobile’s Swap plans – ideal for those who always want the latest 5G device.

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