Parliamentary committee rejects Huawei hardware ban

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by Josh Hall

A UK Parliamentary committee has rejected calls to ban Huawei from providing hardware for the nation's 5G infrastructure.

Norman Lamb, chair of the Science and Technology Committee, wrote in a letter outlining the committee's conclusions: "There are no technical grounds for excluding Huawei entirely from either the UK's 5G or other telecommunications networks."

The verdict places the UK at odds with its key allies, including the US government, which has imposed a ban on some Huawei tech.

The US alleges that Huawei poses a threat to national security, potentially allowing state actors access to key telecommunications infrastructure.

But earlier this month US President Donald Trump appeared to row back on the sanctions, suggesting that they may be relaxed as part of his efforts to secure better terms in trade negotiations with the Chinese government.

In May the President signed an executive order banning Huawei from trading with US companies.

As a result Google ceased doing business with the Chinese telecoms giant, causing uncertainty for existing owners of Huawei's Android-powered consumer handsets.

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