NSPCC launches digital platform for regular donations

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by Mark Johnson

UK children’s charity, the NSPCC, has announces the creation of a new digital wallet to give supporters the ability to make recurring donations using their preferred payment method. 

The new platform can be found at nspcc.org.uk/donate

The charity said the innovative move reflects the growing importance of mobile donations and changing consumer behaviour. 

Initial A/B tests have already highlighted a significant uplift in conversion rates, the charity said, as well as an increased average gift value.

Digital pay options 

Joining forces with digital agency partner WPNC, the charity is aiming to make regular giving easier. 

Harnessing PayPal technology, the new supporter-centric approach offers the NSPCC’s donors further options beyond Direct Debit - still the number one option for most charities - to sign up for regular giving via their preferred payment method. 

Apple Pay and debit and credit card options will be added in the coming months.

User friendly approach 

By offering more user-friendly donation options, the NSPCC aims to benefit from an increased conversion rate for regular gifts via its website, and to increase the overall number of donors giving regularly. 

It’s also hoped the popularity of digital payments among younger people - including, for instance, subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix - will encourage a new, younger audience to donate regularly.

The recurring payment system is built on goDonate Enterprise, part of a suite of platforms built by Addition - the digital product studio of WPNC. 

The agency works strategically with NSPCC to use new technology to drive digital fundraising and innovation. 

“Charities must keep pace with people’s preferred ways to donate”, said Vicky Reeves, Deputy Group CEO and Digital MD, WPNC. 

“It’s vital that they think outside the sector norms and not be afraid to embrace this future thinking rather than only offering Direct Debits - especially when many banks have stopped printing account details from debit and credit cards, making it harder to recall these details despite wanting to donate.”

Funding vital services 

Louise Corden, Lead Digital Producer, NSPCC, added: “We couldn’t fund our vital services without the generosity of supporters. 

“We know that lots of people want to support good causes but life can get in the way, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to set up a regular gift by introducing recurring monthly PayPal and card payments.

“Charities can’t operate in a bubble. Our supporters already use recurring payments via card and PayPal in their daily lives, for example to pay for streaming services and have control over their payments. 

“They appreciate the ease, security and convenience it brings. I believe charities need to embrace this technology for donations, too.”

Nicola Longfield, Senior Director & Head of Charity for PayPal, commented: “The way people manage their money has changed dramatically in the last few years: they are used to doing so on their smartphones and want to be able to donate to charity using the same device.

“Powered by PayPal’s Recurring Payments button, setting up quick, convenient and secure recurring donations is now as simple as clicking a button. 

“Donors can set up regular payments at any time of day, wherever they are, simply by using their PayPal log-in details. We are very happy to see the NSPCC embracing our technology to support its incredible work.”

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