London to be software engineering base for air taxi firm

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by Charlie Spargo
The Lilium Jet

German startup Lilium, which is in the process of developing a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) device with potential to offer airborne taxi rides, has picked London for its software development base.

It has also revealed it's made three hires - Carlos Morgado, former Just Eat CTO, as VP, Digital Technology; Anja Maassen van den Brink, formerly of VodafoneZiggo, as Chief People Officer (CPO); and Luca Benassi, whose experience spans NASA, Boeing and Airbus, as Chief Development Engineer.

Liliums fully-vertical "air taxi" service has been promised by 2025 - offering customers scheduled flights in the fully electric VTOL vehicle, named the 'Lilium Jet'. Before this can happen, it must perfect its prototype, launch a hailing app, work on fleet management software, handle maintenance and negotiate all existing air traffic regulations and systems.

In the process of establishing itself in London, the company says hundreds of software engineering roles will be created in the city.

Remo Gerber, Lilium CCO, said: “Achieving our aims will require us to build one of the world’s most innovative and high-performing software engineering teams. While we recognize that talent is global, London offers us access to a rich talent pool and an environment that’s well-suited to delivering the extraordinary.”

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