UK's first 5G network launches from EE

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by Josh Hall

The UK has seen the launch of its first 5G network.

The high-speed service was launched this morning by EE, ahead of Vodafone who are preparing to launch their own 5G network in the coming weeks.

But access to the new services is limited to certain cities, and even within them coverage is not guaranteed everywhere.

And early roll-outs of 5G will not produce speeds anywhere near as high as the technology has the potential to offer.

According to EE, users of the network at the time of launch will see average speeds of around 150-200Mbps - far below the 20Gbps that 5G could eventually enable.

In the future, 5G will also allow networks to support vastly more connected devices at any one time.

It is thought that 5G could allow for as many as a million connections per square kilometer, compared with around 60,000 on 4G.

5G is currently only available on a small number of handsets. The only compatible device currently available from EE is the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, with plans starting at £59 per month.

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