TikTok maker launches new app, Feiliao

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by Josh Hall

ByteDance, the makers of viral video sharing app TikTok, have launched a new app.

Feiliao, which translates as 'Flipchat', is an instant messaging app that allows users to build groups based on shared interests such as hobbies, passions, or outlooks.

As The Next Web report, a rough translation of the app's Chinese iTunes Store description describes Flipchat as an "interest-based social app" in which users can "discover friends in [an] interest group and share what's fun, as well as share [their] daily life and interact with close friends."

Per TechCrunch, Flipchat seems to resemble Jike, an app that resembles a cross between Reddit and Facebook and that has been developed by a company backed by Tencent - the makers of messaging sensation WeChat and ByteDance's closest competitor.

Flipchat is seen as a play for Gen Z users by ByteDance, which is now the world's most valuable startup.

The company has seen wild global success with TikTok, but the majority of its other products have gained little traction outside its native China.

TikTok, which was launched in China in September 2016, has now been downloaded more than 800 million times globally. As of June 2018, the app claimed 500 million monthly active global users.

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